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We are a Family owned business and extend to you our sincere appreciation for allowing us to serve you.

Belize Listings- Looking for just the right property in Belize? Click here first! Buyer/Seller Tips: Read through helpful tips of information on buying or selling your home!
What is your Home's Value? Let me figure out how much your home is worth in today's market! Local Schools: Identify the best school district for your family with my free schools reports.
Local Schools - Belize (coming soon)
Local Weather: Get up-to-date information on weather in the surrounding communities. Map & Driving Directions - Need a map to my office or anywhere else?

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This site is designed for investments in World Properties within Belize, Miami and Beyond...

Please feel free to browse through this site and to send us any constructive criticism and ideas that will help to enhance this site to better serve you. We serve a global market.

If you currently are thinking of buying a second home or investment property or Resort or business opportunity, then Alpha & Omega (Belize) International Realty & Consultants is your Company. If you are considering relocating or retiring, Alpha & Omega (Belize)Int'l Realty & Consultants is your Company. This site contains information about preparing your home for sale, selecting the right Consultant, pricing your home appropriately, marketing it effectively, going through the inspection processes, and receiving a timely market evaluation. Please bookmark this site for future reference, and please return to visit us again soon.

Professionally yours,
Yvonne Hartshorn
Principal Broker - Consultant- Instructor
Justice of the Peace /
Notary Public
Director Alpha Real Estate Institute for Personal and Professional Development.

Ask us about our owner financing properties in Belize

Alpha & Omega(Belize)International Realty & Consultants Corp

P.O.Box 571011
Miami, Florida 33259-1011

Business: 786 454 6985
Cell:786 426 0184
Cell:786 728 1199

By appointment only...

Melita Muschamp
Manager / Consultant
P.O. Box 434
Belize City, Belize, Central America

Business: 0+ 501 628 3556
Cell: 0+ 786 426 0184
E-Mail: AlphaOmegaBelizeRealtor@gmail.com
E-Mail: YvonneHartshorn2@yahoo.co.uk



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